Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is a very diverse field as it encompasses a mix of systems that are often interconnected. Simply put, AKS designs everything below the foundation of a building. If we are doing our job correctly, you won’t notice what a nice smooth drive you are having as you go down the street. You probably won’t realize that the rainwater from that last downpour was quickly cleared away, routed somewhere nearby to be treated, and then carried away. You may not give it a second thought when you turn on the water to wash your hands or flush a toilet, the planning and design that was required to make that happen. Until you look at your GPS and see how the roads connect and are logically placed to navigate you into town or through a neighborhood, you won’t realize the level of planning AKS went through to get you there. But that’s what we do. We are often behind the scenes making sure infrastructure is designed and built to serve the community. We solve problems.


AKS offers a full range of consulting services to public and private clients. Our licensed professionals include land use planners, land surveyors, civil engineers, forest engineers, landscape architects, and arborists. Working together with our clients, we work hard to find the solution that is in the best interest of our client. Every project has unique circumstances and site conditions, and these are carefully considered along with our clients’ goals. Because our professionals have diverse technical backgrounds, we often think of solutions that may otherwise be overlooked.

  • Street & Transportation System Design
  • Wastewater Conveyance System Design
  • Stormwater Conveyance System Design
  • Water Supply System Design
  • Construction Specification Preparation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Contractor Bidding Assistance
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Observation & Inspection
  • Site Grading & Erosion Control Design & Review (including NPDES DEQ Permitting)
  • Construction Permit Processing
  • As-Built/Record Drawings
  • Value Engineering

Click here for a pdf of our Civil Engineering Overview.



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Landscape Architecture

Water Rights
Geographic Info Systems

Forestry & Forest Engineering

Flood Elevation Surveying & Permitting

Flood Elevation Surveying & Permitting